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Aaron set with belt, drinking horn and hornsling Aaron set with belt, drinking horn and hornsling
This set contains most of what you need for your first medieval market or LARP con. We suggest to wear it with a "Roland" shirt and "Kasimir" trousers. Consisting of:: 1x Adolar belt black 1x Aaron...
€49.90 *
Farmer´s knife set with belt Farmer´s knife set with belt
Something for everyone, a sharp knife with fitting sheath and a sturdy belt. The farmer´s knife is not only for eating, but is an everyday tool in the camp. Thereby it goes with most characters, no...
€49.90 *
Bell strap set of 3 Bell strap set of 3
Get 3 of our popular bell straps for a set price. Bell straps express ones lust for life! It sounds with every step taken or hand waved. One does attract attention everywhere. Five small metal bells are woven onto braided leather strips...
€9.90 *
Veit cutlery set Veit cutlery set
The Cutleryset "Veit" is designed in a slender and deliberately rustic style. The hammer traces of the forging process are still visible and the twisted handle was slightly blackened. For LARPer and middle-aged fans, "Veit" is a nice...
€24.90 *