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Coifs and Collars

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Arthur Polsterhaube Canvas Arthur Polsterhaube Canvas Arthur padded coif
This is the matching padded coif from our "Arthur" series. The coif is available in three sizes and therefore fits most heads. We suggest to wear it underneath coifs of mail or helmets. This maximizes the comfort wearing them and...
€19.90 *
Arthur Polsterkragen Canvas Arthur Polsterkragen Canvas Arthur padded collar
The collar "Arthur" matches the entire series. It is backstitched in diamond-shape and adjustes to the wearers body very comfortably. The upper part is backstitched in smaller shapes, which brings a plus in movability around the neck....
€17.90 *
Leopold Polsterhaube Canvas Leopold Polsterhaube Canvas Leopold padded coif
The padded coif "Leopold" is, like a classic coif, fixed under the chin with two sturdy ribbons of cotton. Under a helmet, it gives this considerably more wearing comfort and protective effect. Of course, it can also be worn as a...
€14.90 *
Leopold padded cap suede Leopold padded cap suede
Our classic "Leopold" padded cap now available in suede! Material: suede, canvas, polyester
€24.90 *
Leopold Polsterkragen Canvas Leopold Polsterkragen Canvas Leopold padded collar
A padded collar provides comfort when worn underneath a gorget or spaulders. In addition to that it can be worn in combination with any kind of shirt and increases the value of these costumes. A padded collar is a great add on to any...
€14.90 *
Patricius collar Patricius collar Patricius collar
"Patricius" is a padded, backstitched suede collar. Good to wear underneath armour, but can also be worn on upper garments as part of an individual costume. It has a stand-up collar and is being closed with a strap buckle in the front....
€29.90 *