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Shapur gambeson

A gambeson fulfills several tasks. It is a seperate armour, which could protect against sword blows on the medieval battlefield itself. On LARP events or on medieval markets and fairs it will protect from bruises. Worn underneath any metal armour it will provide comfort to the wearer. It can be used as a stand alone costume and can be combined with belts and bags. We offer various gambesons in many colours and shapes. The "Shapur" series shows a rather oriental cut. It is closed with three leather strings in the front and has the two flaps overlapping. This is often seen in eastern asian clothing as well. Women will like this gambeson as well, as it is fitted on the waist. The lacing on the sides allows an individual fitting to the wearers body. The inner padding is made from felted wool: the gambeson recieves its handy padding without being too thick. The padding on the arms' inside is a little thinner, so that the wearer has more movability when fighting or dancing.

Our "Shapur" gambeson is not only something special by its cut, but also through its tight padding: it is almost too beautiful to hide it underneath an armour.

Material: canvas, leather
Paddings material: wool felt (50% wool, 50% cotton)
Sizes: S to XXL
Colours: black, bordeaux, brown, green

€89.90 *

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