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Pole Weapons

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FDD Elven 2nd Edition Hochelfen Stab, blau 175cm FDD Elven 2nd Edition Hochelfen Stab, blau 175cm Elven 2nd ed High elven staff
The upper part of this staff is decorated with a wing-like detail. A golden band is wrapped along the top third of it. There are four coloured stones built in in between the wings. The staff is...
€174.99 *
Elven-2nd-Edition-Hochelfen-Naginata-blau Elven-2nd-Edition-Hochelfen-Naginata-blau Elven 2nd Edition High Elven Naginata, blue 140cm
This naginata is built by FDD in Regensburg/Germany. Handle and blade share the same length. this way you can wield it one- and two-handed. The blade has a lowered section just before the handle....
€139.99 *
Wooden staff Wooden staff
The wooden staff is ideal for skillful wizards and crafty rogues. Made to simulate the appearance of wood, this LARP-friendly weapon feels comfortable to grip. As an excellent defensive weapon, the wooden staff can block strikes and...
€89.90 *
Yngvar long axe Yngvar long axe
A few hundred years ago, our country was peaceful. Everything came to a stop once we were attacked by the southerners. In front of their armies, our lumberjacks couldn't defend themselves, let alone the land and its riches. We knew how...
€179.90 *