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Aella spear tip Aella spear tip
Spears have been used as weapons and for hunting for millennia. Due to its making, it is perfectly suited for throwing and trusting, just as well as keeping the game, your foe or the attacker at distance. This weapon is very popular on...
€24.89 *
Alessio small buckler blank Alessio small buckler blank Alessio small buckler blank
Our very first round shield, „Alessio“, comes in a historically well-tried shape – as a buckler. The typical round buckle in the middle is not only an adorment, but especially made for cushion...
€33.90 *
Franziska throwing axe stage fight Franziska throwing axe stage fight
The "francisca" or "frankish hatchet" is known as a classic among throwing axes. The Merovingians and the Franks already appreciated the small and reliable shape of this throwing axe. The curved...
€39.90 *