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6er-Set-Patronen-für-Colt-1873 Bullets for decoration pistols
„Lock and Load!“ This set of six decoration bullets makes it possible to load pop platelets into our „Denix“ revolvers. You just place the caps onto the rear of a bullet and load the revolver like...
Dieses Set...
€6.90 *
Single shot cap ammunition, 100 pieces Single shot cap ammunition, 100 pieces
A package of single shot ammunition for toy guns. The caps come in stripes of ten. Twist one off and put it on the latch of the pistol to use them with some of our decoration guns. Package content:...
€1.50 *
Pierre Lafitte powder flask Pierre Lafitte powder flask
A richly decorated powder flask with brass applications on bottle neck and eyelets. A pretty accessory for all pirates, gipsies and fantasy gunslingers among you.
€19.90 *
Rob Pistolenholster Rob Pistolenholster Rob gun holster
Decoration pistols can be carried, by "just sticking them into your belt" or by storing them in a holster. The clever variation is to buy a holster for each single gun and to decorate it as you wish. Plus: the gun will not interfere with...
€19.90 *