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Komir Longsword

 The Long sword "Komir " of the "Battle Standard" series of upholstered weapons is very elaborate and imaginatively designed. The handle is slightly lengthened, so it can also be used as a bastard sword. The elegantly curved blade spreads to the center and is slightly concave shaped. A decoration, reminiscent of the cut of gemstones runs from the curved parry to the blade. The Long sword ' Komir ' has the classic silhouette of a fantasy sword. It is ideal to represent a magic sword, the ancient sword of the grandfather, the ancient sword from the last dungeon. It fits for daring adventurers, just as it does for Warriors, barbarians or elves. A fantastic sword for fantastic roles.

Blade Length: 78 cm
Total Length: 104 cm
Width of the Parry: 26 cm
Blade Width: Max 7.5 cm
Weight: 500 g

Small holes on the blade are production-related and not a defect in the "Battle Standard " foam weapons series.

Disclaimer: All the articles shown here have been specially developed for the safe representation of fights in live RPG, on theatre stages or similar. The upholstered weapons consist of a glass fibre core, which is completely wrapped with soft foam to avoid injury.

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