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Baldric normans helmet


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Product information "Baldric normans helmet"

This normans helmet is equipped with a nasal, which gives additional protection to the facial area.
It developed across europe in the early and high medieval times and spread quickly across the entire continent. The classical form of this helmet is manufactured with a high dome and a nose guard ("nasal").

We suggest the combination worn with a blank chain coif and one of our padded coifs to be worn underneath this helmet.

Colour: blank, browned
Inner circ.: 61cm

Accessory Items

Ballistol spray
THE universal spray made by the Ballistol company. Can be used for metal, just as well as leather and various other materials. A well known care product for animals paws and fur; a true allrounder, completly untoxic. We advise it for metal armour care and protection of leather armours.The practical 50ml spray can for your journeys, or the large 200ml spray can for your home.Please read the containers warnings section.Can not be exported outside the EU due to EU-law.


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