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Berengar chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring


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Product information "Berengar chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring"

Our chainmail shirt "Berengar" is designed for tall, robust people up to clothing size XXL. It features long sleeves and falls down to about the height of the wearer's thighs. We recommend this chainmail shirt for wearers with a chest circumference of 110 to 145cm. Its size allows it to be worn on top of a gambeson to use its maximum circumference of 160cm under the arms. The aluminium chainmail shirt "Berengar" features fully riveted flat rings that won't open even during powerful movements; this increases its durability, so you can enjoy wearing it for a long time.

We recommend wearing this chainmail shirt in combination with a gambeson and belt for better weight distribution.

Traditional "4-in-1" weave
long sleeves
Ring diameter: 9mm
Weight: 7kg

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This chainmail shirt is rather small and is intended to be used without a gambeson. The chest circumference is relatively small as well, which is why we recommend it for warriors that are younger and/or of a more slender built with a chest girth of 70cm to 95cm. Since aluminium is softer than steel, every single ring of this chainmail shirt is riveted to give it the necessary stability. The flat rings offer a denser appearance than the regular round rings.Material: aluminiumClassic "4-in-1" weaveShort armsRing diameter: 9mmWeight: ~3.5kgClick here to learn more!

Richard chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring
Chainmail shirts are a popular costume item for the portrayal of armoured characters. Unfortunately, though, some people's health does not allow them to bear the considerable weight of this kind of protective wear. That's why this chainmail shirt is made of lightweight aluminium. It is suitable for wearers of medium chest circumference. The shirt is wide enough to be worn on top of a gambeson jacket; it has long sleeves and will fall down to about the height of the wearer's knees. Every single one of the flat rings is riveted, so they may only be opened using tools or considerable force. Traditional "4-in-2" weavelong sleevesRing diameter: 10mmMaterial: aluminiumChest circumference: 140cm – with clothing: 90-125cmLength: 85cmWeight: approx. 7kgThe chainmail shirt is also fully riveted under the arms, and the rings will not open even during powerful movements. As a result, the chainmail shirt will remain intact for a long time, allowing you to enjoy wearing it for just as long.Click here to learn more!

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This chain mail was made for bigger people and their need for bigger chain mail shirts.It is app. XXL in size, is equipped with long sleeves and covers the thighs half way (depending on how much material you will need around the middle of the body. We suggest to wear a padded gambeson underneath any armour to avoid scratches and bruises. Those might occur at all times when wearing any metal armour. A belt will distribute the weight.Measurements: 9mm rings (with 1mm wire)"4-in-1" pattern weavingColours: blank, oil finish, brownedWeight: aprox 15 kg For further information please click here!

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John chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring
This chainmail shirt is made of flat aluminium rings that are fully riveted. It is designed for people of a "normal" build with a medium chest circumference and wide enough to be worn on top of a gambeson jacket. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arms. The chainmail shirt will fall down to about the middle of the wearers thighs. Every single ring is riveted! We recommend this chainmail shirt for wearers with a chest circumference of 90 to 125cm so the chainmail shirt can be worn on top of a gambeson jacket to use its maximum circumference of 140cm under the arms.Traditional "4-in-1" weave, fully rivited.short sleevesRing circumference: 10mmMaterial: aluminiumWeight: approx. 5.5kgChest circumference: 140cm – with clothes: 90-125cmLength: 85cmClick here to learn more!


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