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"DragonSys Lebendiges Mittlealter - Modernes Training mit dem langen Schwert (German)


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Product information ""DragonSys Lebendiges Mittlealter - Modernes Training mit dem langen Schwert (German)"

DragonSys Lebendiges Mittelalter - Modernes Training mit dem langen Schwert (DragonSys Living Middle Ages - Modern Longsword Training)

Christian Henry Tobler
Modern longsword training based on Lichtenauer's teachings
Praise is due to Christian Henry Tobler for reviving Meister Lichtenauer's more than 600-year-old fencing manuals. Tobler developed a modern introductory training programme for historical swordsmanship based on the works of Liechtenauer and his successors. In the course of 15 chapters and using nearly 500 images, the author illustrates the basic stances, slashes, terminology, tactics, and technique of sword fencing without armour, using spears, and wearing suits of armour. 28 step-by-step training units introduce novices, but also experiences "swordsmen" to Liechtenauer's system. Tobler's book doubtlessly is a milestone in the re-discovery of traditional European combat. This is the first edition published in German.

Published by GuS Verlag, 2007
19 x 26.7 cm, paperback, 240 pages
with more than 450 black and white pictures

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