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Fidelio barbute


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Product information "Fidelio barbute"

The barbute is the italian variant of the bascinet and offers good protection for head and face without limiting view or breathing to much.
We recommend wearing  a padded coif with it.

Accessory Items

Ballistol spray
THE universal spray made by the Ballistol company. Can be used for metal, just as well as leather and various other materials. A well known care product for animals paws and fur; a true allrounder, completly untoxic. We advise it for metal armour care and protection of leather armours.The practical 50ml spray can for your journeys, or the large 200ml spray can for your home.Please read the containers warnings section.Can not be exported outside the EU due to EU-law.


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The classic kettle hat was a very common helmet in the high Middle Ages. It was often worn by the simple footman because it protected well by the wide brim from attacks from above. In addition, unlike closed helmet forms, it hinders neither vision nor respiration. The kettle hat "Jupp" has a flat, brim and is decorated with curved, intersecting clasps. It has a cotton coated foam upholstery and is closed with a sturdy chin strap. This universal helmet is basically suitable for every armoured costume idea, but especially for soldiers, guards or mercenaries. Material: Steel Size: Uni, up to hat 62 wearable Weight: 1600 g Color: Blank

Henning spangenhelmet
This was a very common combat helmet in medieval europe. Typical for this make was the headband with the high dome and its metal stripes on the skull. This specific helmet has the typical cheek-flaps and a nasal to protect the wearers face.UnisizeMaterial: SteelColour: blankWe suggest to wear a combination of browned chain coif and/or one of our own padded coifs to avoid scratches and bruises on your head. This also provides an extra in comfort.

Franz open sallet
The sallet is the successor of the kettle helmet in europe and one of the most common helmet types in 15th century in the western hemisphere. There is types with visor and without, often with a segmented neck protection, but mostly with a stiff one.The "Franz" sallet is built without visor, so it does not cover the face and keeps it open for the wearer to breath free and a better vision.The edge along the face, and following, the complete lower edge, is corrugated. The centre ridge is built very low to keep the silhuette rounded. This helmet is equipped with a cotton covered foam inlay and has a leather chin strap.Material: 1,2mm steelColour: blankSIze: up to 62cm circumferenceWe recommend to wear a padded coif underneath to avoid scratches and bruises. This will maximize your comfort.

Arlan kegelhelmet blank
Kegelhelmets were widely spread in medieval asia and europe in many different variations.This one has some cheek flaps, a high dome to protect the skull, and ends in a crest of horses\\' hair. The maille protects neck and chest area.UnisizeMaterial: Steel\\"Colour\\": blankWe suggest to wear this helmet with a padded coif \\"Leopold\\" to avoid scratches and bruises on the head. This will improve the comfort wearing it.

Harding normans helmet
This normans helmet should be called "Nasal" helmet. It was widely spread all over europe and was not only worn by the normans. The original form has a high dome to protect the skull.This variation has a jagged application on its forehead.Material: SteelColour: blankWe suggest to wear the combination of a blank coif of maille and/or one of our padded coifs \\"Leopold\\". This avoids scratches and bruises on your head when wearing it.


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Kassandra blouse sailcloth
The Kassandra blouse stands out for its placket of cast metal buttons. This gives it, despite an airy cut and the wide trumpet sleeves, a strict, almost uniform character. This makes Kassandra ideal for all costumes that need to look a little more official. However, if you combine it with a skirt and bodice, it quickly gets a noble, feminine look. Asian costumes, pirates, nobility or elf costumes can also be realized with this versatile blouse.Material: 100% CottonSizechart: S M L XL XXL Chest circumference 93 101 110 122 135 Waist circumference 79 87 96 109 123 Hip circumference 105 111 118 128 139 Sleeve lenght 60 60,5 61 61,5 62 Lenght 69,5 70,5 71,5 72,5 73,5 All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours tones may therefore differ slightly.

Lucas brigandine
This light armor fits as well the younger or smaller fighters. It can be adjusted to the wearer by buckle straps at the sides. It is light weighed but nevertheless offers some good protection for the torso. The riveted leather plates make it look quite militant. Additionally it can be combined with gorgets and spaulders for instance from our "Adam" series. We recommend it up to clothing size L.Material: Canvas, polyester, upper leatherLength: 60cm (neckline to lower edge)Width: 45cmWeight 1,5 kgLeather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

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This tiny skull from brass can not only be used as an embellishment for a belt, but also for any other part of a costume. No matter if it's attatched to a hat, a bag or even boots – your creativity knows no limits! With three thorns at its back, this belt fitting is easily attached. Material: BrassMeasurements: ca. 2, 0 x 1, 5 cm

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