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Gladiatoren Kochbuch (German)


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Product information "Gladiatoren Kochbuch (German)"

When we hear the word "gladiator", many of us immediately have a certain image in our minds. But the Roman gladiators were more than just prisoners of war or slaves butchered in the arena - they were often superstars, like football players today. Therefore, very careful attention was paid to their diet. In the course of an experiment that the author carried out for six months together with the University of Regensburg, Germany, it turned out that the basic nutrition of gladiators was on a par with our modern sports nutrition. In his book, Christian Eckert explains in an entertaining way why this is so, and brings out the nutritious diet of the Roman sports heroes with recipes for delicious dishes.

German language
128 pages
21 x 20 cm

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