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John chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring


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Product information "John chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring"

This chainmail shirt is made of flat aluminium rings that are fully riveted. It is designed for people of a "normal" build with a medium chest circumference and wide enough to be worn on top of a gambeson jacket. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arms. The chainmail shirt will fall down to about the middle of the wearers thighs. Every single ring is riveted! We recommend this chainmail shirt for wearers with a chest circumference of 90 to 125cm so the chainmail shirt can be worn on top of a gambeson jacket to use its maximum circumference of 140cm under the arms.

Traditional "4-in-1" weave, fully rivited.
short sleeves
Ring circumference: 10mm
Material: aluminium
Weight: approx. 5.5kg
Chest circumference: 140cm – with clothes: 90-125cm
Length: 85cm

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David chainmail shirt aluminium flat ring
This chainmail shirt is rather small and is intended to be used without a gambeson. The chest circumference is relatively small as well, which is why we recommend it for warriors that are younger and/or of a more slender built with a chest girth of 70cm to 95cm. Since aluminium is softer than steel, every single ring of this chainmail shirt is riveted to give it the necessary stability. The flat rings offer a denser appearance than the regular round rings.Material: aluminiumClassic "4-in-1" weaveShort armsRing diameter: 9mmWeight: ~3.5kgClick here to learn more!

John chain mail aluminium riveted
This chain shirt is made of lightweight aluminium and is completely riveted. It is suitable for ' normal ' built people with medium chest circumference and wide enough to wear a gambeson underneath. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arm. The length of the chainmail extends to the middle of the thigh.  Every single ring is riveted! We recommend this chain mail for people with a chest circumference of 90 cm to 125 cm. Thus the chain shirt can be worn on a gambeson and uses its maximum width of 140 cm under the arms.  Classic "4-in-1" pattern fully riveted. Short Sleeveswight: app 5kg Ring Diameter: 10 mm Material: Aluminium The chain mail is of course also completely riveted under the arms, so that even with strong movements the rings do not give in. The chain shirt remains intact for a long time, and you have fun with it for a long time. Click here for more information!

John chain mail flat ring
The roman chain mail was called the Lorica Hamata. The oldest picture dates back to 168 BC and shows soldiers in this specific mail armour. Ever since the 1st century BC the double shoulder mail was eliminated and the shirt was shortened. The "classic" chain mail was born and spread all over Europe.This flatened ring chain mail is made for men with a medium chest circumference. It is wide enough to be worn on top of a gambeson. It is made with short sleeves and reaches down to, approximately, the knees. The blank version is galvanized shiny (zincked), it is treated against rusting and will need only little caretaking. The oil finished needs more care with oil, or it will attract rust.This chain mail fits best for wearers with a chest circumference of 90cm to 125cm.Classic 4-in-1 weaving pattern, galvanized (zincked)short sleevesInner ring diameter: 10mmOuter ring diameter: 12mmWire thickness: 1mmWeight: app. 12kgColour: blank, oil finish For further information please click here!

John Kettenhemd vollvernietet blank
Dieses Kurzarm-Kettenhemd ist für Menschen mit mittlerem Brustumfang geeignet. Es ist weit genug, um einen Gambeson darunter zu tragen. Die Ärmel bedecken ca. 2/3 des Armes, in der Länge reicht es in etwa zum halben Oberschenkel. Wir empfehlen dieses Kettenhemd für Träger mit einem Brustumfang von 90cm bis 125cm. So kann das Kettenhemd auf einem Gambeson getragen werden und nutzt sein Maximalmaß von 140cm unter den Armen aus. Das Kettenhemd ist unter der Achsel komplett vernietet, sodass auch bei starken Bewegungen die Ringe nicht nachgeben. So bleibt es lange intakt und ihr habt Spass damit. Die blanke Variante ist verzinkt zum Schutz vor Rost.  Material: StahlLänge: 85 cmBrustumfang: 140 cmEmpfohlener Brustumfang mit Kleidung: 90-125 cmGewicht: ~13 kgKlassische „4-in-1“ Flechtart

John chainmail riveted oiled
This short-sleeved chainmail shirt is suitable for people with medium chest size. It is wide enough to carry a gambeson underneath. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arm, the length is about half of the thigh. We recommend this chainmail size for people with a chest circumference of 90cm to 125cm. The chain shirt can be worn on a gambeson and uses its maximum size of 140cm under the arms. The chain mail is completely riveted under the armpit, so that the rings do not give in even with strong movements. So it stays intact for a long time and you have fun with it.The bare version is not galvanized and is supplied heavily oiled. Please remove the excess oil before first use. Un galvanized chain mail should be treated regularly with maintenance oil such as Ballistol.Material: steelClassic "4-in-1" type of braidingweight: app 16kg


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