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Borchard five-bag-belt black

Borchard five-bag-belt black

The bag belt from the "Borchard" series is ideal for organising a lot of equipment and having it ready to hand quickly.
Whether healer, mercenary, alchemist or adventurer, in this combination of robust belt and five bags you will find everything you could need on the way. The practical pocket belt can be conveniently stored back in the camp.
All pockets are closed at the front with a loop over a button, the belt has two practical rings to adjust it to the desired circumference.
If you want to carry even more equipment, you can also connect two belts and use them as shoulder belts. The bag belt can also be attached to backpacks and knapsacks.
A true organizational talent!

length of the belt: 120 cm
Pocket length: 6 cm
Bag width: 4 cm
Pocket height: 11 cm
Material: 100% cotton

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