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Denarius money pouch suede brown

Denarius money pouch suede brown

Unsere "Denarius" Geldkatze ist aus weichem Wildleder gefertigt und hat zwei massive Messingringe, um sie zu verschließen. Sie wird traditionell über dem Gürtel getragen, wobei der lange Eingriff nach unten auf dem Gürtel aufliegt. So ergeben sich zwei Beutel, aus denen, zusätzlich durch die Messingringe gesichert, die Münzen nicht herausfallen können.

The German name for money pouches like "Denarius" during the Middle Ages was "Geldkatze", which translates as "Money Cat", a name that may seem strange at first. According to a generally accepted theory, it derives from the Middle High German term "Chazza", meaning container or bag. However, there is another popular theory stating that such money pouches were made of cat skin, a claim we shall neither confirm nor deny here.

Our "Denarius" money pouch is made of soft sheepskin and features two solid brass rings used to close it. Traditionally, a money pouch is worn slung over the belt (with the long slit to reach inside it lying on top of the belt). When worn like this, the money pouch forms two separate bags that are additionally secured by the brass rings to prevent coins from falling out. The bag with the more valuable content was always worn closer to the body. During business transactions, money pouches allowed secretly feeling how much money you still had left. (This, incidentally, gave rise to the popular German proverb "Rubbel' die Katz" (Rub your cat), which, in days of yore, was used to tell your business partner to hurry up and get on with the deal. Today, its usage is limited to telling somebody to hurry.) "Our "Denarius" money pouch is a lovely way of carrying coins, gemstones or other valuable oddments with style. For all those who need matching coins, we offer copper, silver and gold coins in convenient sets.

Material: suede, brass
Length: 41cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: approx.

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