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Friedhelm potions pouch

When the master alchemist looked down on his apprentice and asked:" What is most important about a potion?", the apprentice looked up and replied:"The right mixture of all ingredients, master?!"
The master shook his head condemning and answered:"No, fool, to have it at hand, whenever you need it!"
To solve this problem, we have the "Friedhelm" potions pouch in offer. Five vials, closed with a natural cork, fit into this pouch made from suede. The wide lid closes with two buckles and holds all vials in place tightly. The two beltloops in the back allow the puoich to be worn on a belt.
Not only fantastic potions can be stored here - there could be one or two herb schnaps in there as well...

Material: suede, glass, cork
Length: app 17cm
Height: app 9cm
Volume: 5 x 10ml
Weight: app 200gr
Colour: black, brown

€24.90 *

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