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Jorge knife sheath

"Never leave for the woods without your knife!" To take this fatherly advice to heart, you should have not only the trusty companion at hand, but also a matching sheath to draw it from. We offer the sheath for our "Jorge" knife from the "Battle Standard" foam weapon series. Made from robust upper leather, it is a nice accessory and protects the foam blade with the softer inside ofthe upper leather. The wide belt loop is fixed with two stabile metal rivets. The inside of the rivets is smooth not to rub off the foam knifes surface. The product was made for foam articles and not for steel knifes. Steel knifes would cut through the seam.

Whoever is looking for a steel knife: we invide you to browse through our stock.

Material: upper leather
Length: 25,5 cm
Width: 7 cm
Width of the belt loop: 6 cm
Weight: app. 65 gr.
Colour: black, brown

€11.90 *

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