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Canvas fabric 250g/m² sand

The garments we offer are made from high-quality fabrics. We avoid the use of chemicals and utilize dyes that are as mild and environmentally friendly as possible. For all those who enjoy taking up a needle and thread themselves or wish to further individualize their outfit, we now offer pre-cut lengths of our fabrics. Canvas is what we call a robust cotton fabric of durable quality that is woven in the "canvas" weaving pattern, similar to the canvas used in art or sailing. The material and the special weaving pattern make the fabric very resilient and tear-resistant. The front and back sides are identical, so it is not important how exactly you use the fabric. This fabric is an allrounder that feels nice to the touch. Creative sewing and craft enthusiasts will be able to make almost any given part of their outfit themselves using our cotton canvas. It can be used wherever durable cotton quality is needed. For instance, you can also use it to make beanbag chairs, awnings, gambeson jackets or even bags. This fabric is easy to process using a common sewing machine.

We recommend you also have a look at our light cotton fabric or our half-linen fabric.

Material: cotton
Measurements: 300cm x 90cm
Weight: approx. 675g

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