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Canvas fabric 250gr/sqm

Our costumes are made from high quiality fabric. We renounce chemicals and use 100% natural, ecologically sustainable, dyings.
For all those, who like to sew themselves or like to customize their existing costumes, we offer fabric in pre-cut packages.

Canvas is a robust, long lasting cotton fabric weaved in the canvas style - just like sail fabric or the artists canvas. The material and the weaving pattern make this fabric very durable and tear proof. Front and back side are alike, so it will not matter which side you will work on.
This fabric is a good allrounder with stabile grip. Creative dressmakers and tailors can produce almost every piece of clothing from this fabric.
It can be used for all those pieces, where a long lasting cotton quality is needed: beanbags, tarps, gambesons or bags - no problem with this heavy duty fabric.

Regular house hold sewing machines can easily handle this fabric.

Take a closer look at the light cotton fabric and the half-linen from our range.

Material: cotton
Measurements: 300 cm x 90 cm
Weight: app: 675 g
Colours: blue, brown, green, creme, red, black

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