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Our costumes are made from high quality fabric. We renounce chemicals and use 100% natural dyings.
For all those, who like to sew themselves or like to customize their existing costumes, we offer fabric in pre-cut packages.

Half-linen combines the moisture absorbing properties of cotton and the durability and the absence of fluff balls of linen. Where dirt will stick to cotton, it is repelled by linen. It is smooth, jet soft and comforts the skin. It is very durable and can be washed hot, which adds a bonus to fabric hygiene. It nearly does not wrinkle. Half-linen holds colours much longer, will stay colourful after years of washing, other than cotton and the use for it is almost unending.
Besides costumes and regular clothing, half-linen is mainly used in household items: bedsheets, pillow and blanket covers, dish dryers and tablecloth are mostly made from half-linen.
Sauna and bath tub clothing, just as the towels, are mostly made from half-linen to have the comforting properties and the durability at hand.

You might as well take a closer look at our light cotton fabrics and our rougher cotton canvas.

Material: linen, cotton
Measurements: 300cm x 110cm
Weight: app. 550gr
Colours: white, natural

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