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GFK rod 75cm / 8mm

GFK rod 75cm / 8mm

We finally offer GFK rods in three lengths for all you tinkerers. Every hobbyist knows about the GFK rod being the heart of every foam weapon. Using a bad fabricated rod leads to a broken weapon in battle. We spent quite some time looking for a good fabricator, who can provide us with quality rods for unbeatable prices. These rods are completely dense and clean of any air inclusions, have a smooth surface and do not rove. We suggest to always cut GFK rods with the aid of flowing water and to wear goggles and gloves when working with fiber glas. Before applying glue, you should clean and degrease the rod.

Diameters and lengths: 8mm - 75cm

€2.50 *
Content: 0.75 piece (€3.33 * / 1 piece)

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