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Sweet mead 10l canister

"Medhu" origins from the indo-germanic word for "honey". The modern word "mead" derives from this old language. Many cultures produced this beverage and assigned a divine meaning in drinking it in cultural events. The legendary feasts in "Asgard" are shown even today in modern Hollywood movies. Made from high-quality ingredients, we offer this "devine drink" for all mortals 18 years and older.

The process of fermentation of this sweet mead was stopped earlier, than usually. Less sugar is transformed into alcohol - the mead comes out sweeter on the tounge. As with all meads, it can be drunk either warm or chilled. When served with ice cubes and a twist of lemon, it is the ideal summer drink.

Due to the great demand, we offer this mead in a 10l canister, as well as in a 0,7l bottle. Mead is traditionally drank from a drinking horn - you can check our offers in various sizes, Skal!

Volume: 10 liters
Alcoholic content: app. 6%
Made from: water, honey
Weight: app. 11 kg
Heigth: 32 cm
Width: 20 cm


Attention Please, we are only allowed to ship mead within Germany.


€64.90 *
Content: 10 l (€6.49 * / 1 l)

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