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Clemens gloves brown

Clemens gloves brown

The "Clemens" gloves are made of high-quality suede. They are robust and sturdy, and are therefore particularly well-suited for combat. They are lightly padded and reinforced. Nevertheless, the suede is supple and pleasant on the skin. A particularly becoming accessory capable of rounding off many costume ideas.

Sizes: S, M and L

The price is per pair

Glove sizes:

This is how you calculate the right glove size for you.

Measure your palm from the base of the index finger (outside) across the palm of the hand to the base of the little finger (outside).
up to 9cm: We recommend size S
10-11cm: We recommend size M
12-13cm: We recommend size L
over 13cm: Unfortunately, we do not offer this size.

€39.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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