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KdMsa - Grundausstattung für die Frau (German)

KdMsa - Grundausstattung für die Frau (German)

"Kleidung des Mittelalters selbst anfertigen – Grundausstattung für die Frau" (Make your own medieval clothing basic garments for Women)

Wearing historically correct garments as a medieval re-enactor – no problem at all: The spectrum of garments those interested in the Middle Ages can sew on their own with this book ranges from the high to the late Middle Ages (12th to 15th century) and from the clothes of simple maids to the dresses of the lesser nobility.

Depictions with realistic coloured drawings revive the differences in social status during the Middle Ages as evidenced by clothing and accessories. Well-structured, easily understandable illustrations will guide the reader through all workflow steps.

Based on the sewing methods used in medieval times, this book will allow even the unexperienced to learn how to hem edges of cut, attach sleeves, and craft fabric buttons.

64 pages, DIN A4, high-quality softcover
December 2005

Attention: This version is available in German only. For the English version, please see

"Make your own medieval clothing - Basic garments for Women"

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