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"DragonSys Lebendiges Mittelalter: Belagert!" (German)

"DragonSys Lebendiges Mittelalter: Belagert!" (German)

Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly
Belagert! Mittelalterliche Belagerungstechniken anschaulich erläutert (Under Siege! An Illustrated Explanation of Medieval Siege Techniques)

A clear and informative insight into medieval siege techniques and tactics. This book contains easy-to-understand information on who was involved in such operations, what techniques were used and how a siege ran its course. Many references to historical sources, quotes, illustrations and, last but not least, a building plan for a working "onager" round off this volume.

Published by GuS Verlag, 2008
19 x 26.7 cm, Paperback, 224 pages
Please note: This book is available in German only.

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