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LARP: Hinter den Kulissen (German)

LARP: Hinter den Kulissen (German)

A collection of essays on "MittelPunkt" 2009, a convention of German live roleplayers.

What relation did Lord Byron and Mary Shelley have to the topic of LARP? Why does the German Federal Agency for Civic Education support live roleplay games? And what do you do when the press suddenly and unexpectedly knocks on the gates of an event? These are just some of the questions the authors of this essay collection deal with. In the course of eleven handpicked contribution, they venture to give philosophical and historical views on the hobby, give helpful tips and suggestions for organisers and introduce exemplary projects. A book directed to event hosts and those interested to get a glimps behind the scenes of live roleplay.

"LARP: Hinter den Kulissen" (LARP: Behind the Scenes) offers a more in-depth examination of various aspects of the hobby that is live roleplay. The book is intended to give new insights and to inspire, but also to prod the reader towards forming different or even opposite opinions, starting new, even more innovative projects and developing methods to act on these more efficiently.

Collected and edited for the occasion of the live roleplay convention "MittelPunkt" 2009

128 Seiten, 14.8 x 21 cm
January 2009

ISBN 978-3-938922-21-7

Please note: this book is available in German only.

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