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"LARP: Einstieg in ein phantastisches Hobby" (German)

"LARP: Einstieg in ein phantastisches Hobby" (German)

Ina Dahm
LARP – Einstieg in ein phantstisches Hobby

Who hasn't ever dreamed about crawling through dark corridors, or an eerie forest like the protagonists of movies, books, or games, heroically battling monsters, aliens, or other villains and solving tricky riddles? One way of getting closer to such dreams is through the hobby that is live roleplay, also called LARP (short for Live Action Role Playing).

But what should I expect from a roleplay event? Where do they take place? And: what on earth do I wear? All those are questions that give newcomers a lot to think about – and rightly so. Answers to these as well as other questions may be found in the book "LARP – Einstieg in ein phantastisches Hobby" (LARP – Introduction to a Fantastical Hobby). It explains the most important terminology, introduces various game variants and portrayal options, and offers tips regarding the necessary equipment. This volume is intended to help beginners to start into this fascinating hobby while at the same time encouraging them to find their very own game style. 72 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm.

Embellished softcover
Published: Early 2013
ISBN: 978-3-938922-38-5

Please note: This book is available in German only.

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