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Dagger Sheaths

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Doran daggersheath Doran daggersheath Doran daggersheath
This daggersheath fits many daggers and short swords. Built in the typical "Doran" systems' style it is combinable with all the other articles from this line. The rivets make the sheath look more "rough". Material: Leather and rivets...
€9.90 *
Geralt-Dolchscheide-schwarz Geralt-Dolchscheide-schwarz Geralt daggersheath
The "Geralt" daggersheath can be worn vartivally or horizontally on your belt, greaves or other places. It fits best for slimmer larp-daggers, as our "Henry", "Kendall" or "Roderic" daggers. Material: upper leather Length: 31 cm Width: 8...
€29.90 *
Leon-Dolchscheide-schmal Leon-Dolchscheide-schmal Leon daggersheath slim
The slim version of our popular Leon dagger scabbard is ideal for smaller LARP weapons. The passage for the belt has a width of 3.5 cm, but can be extended to 5 cm with a punch pliers. Material: upper leather, suede Colour: brown with...
€16.80 *
Leon-Dolchscheide-breit Leon daggersheath wide
The Leon dagger scabbard is perfectly suited for short LARP weapons. Material: upper leather Colour: brown with black applications Length: 29cm Width: 6cm
€16.80 *
Ramon sheath Ramon sheath Ramon sheath
The matching sheath for our "Ramon" knife. The edges are sewn and equipped with a loop for the fastening to a belt or a leather strap. Material: leather Colours: black, brown Length: 26 cm x 5 cm
€12.90 *