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Pistol Holsters

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Dragone holster Dragone holster Dragone holster
A nicely decorated holster for all kinds of display weapons. It can be attached to the belt with a loop. Additionally the weapon is held in place by a simple leather band. We recommend the small holster for the pistols "Mistress Ching"...
From €26.90 *
Geralt-Pistolenholster-rechts-schwarz Geralt-Pistolenholster-rechts-schwarz Geralt pistol holster
The "Geralt" pistol holster is available to carry left or right. This way you can carry additional holsters. It fits for most (decorative) pistols with a slim barrel. Material: upper leather Colours: black, brown Variants: left, right
€12.90 *
Rob gun holster Rob gun holster Rob gun holster
Decoration pistols can be carried, by "just sticking them into your belt" or by storing them in a holster. The clever variation is to buy a holster for each single gun and to decorate it as you wish. Plus: the gun will not interfere with...
€24.90 *