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Castagir scabbard black 2ND ED.

The "Castagir" scabbard is individually adjustable to any weapon size. It is attached to the belt with two loops. The desired carrying angle is set with a buckle. It can be worn separately and can be ideally combined with the "Castagir" back system or shoulder strap. The Italian company "Fucina del drago"; in German "Drachenschmiede"; is well known for especially beautiful leather products. Only high quality leather is processed there. Elaborate hallmark work and the antique patina make these armour pieces a real eye-catcher.

Material: Leather
Length: 20 cm
Width:5 cm - 7 cm

Leather is a natural product and accepts dyes differently. The colour tone may differ from the illustration.

This product is currently not available.
Please inform me as soon as the product is available again.

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