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LARP and medieval events intend to spend your free time in a medieval setting, as possible. Groups gather to escape everydays life, to spend time in a surrounding, which smells, sounds and acts differently, than what we live in modern times.

One should try to interrupt this ambience as little as possible. Plastic tents, modern cooking utensils or colourful sneakers will draw the participants around you back to our modern life. It is not only quite pleasing, but also possible to live some few days without modern gadgets of todays world. Cooking on open fire can be a challenge. Especially, when you wish to eat better, than simply warming up a can of food. The modern cooking pot should not be used on open fire - particulary, if you wish to use it at home again afterwards.
We offer various kettles and pots, tripods, cutlery and much more. Cooking will transform from a neccessary task to a witting happening when using the appropriate utensils.

You may use plastic tableware made for camping, once the food is prepared. But then again: you could have stayed at home in your backyard preparing a barbecue. Wooden or earthen tableware will provide the certain bit of understatement it deserves. A set of wrought iron cutlery, some filled earthen cups or mead horns, some flickering lanterns and torches; this is how stylish ambience is celebrated.

Each participant shapes medieval and LARP events, some more, some less. It is those small details, which will decide to make a weekend unforgetable in the end.

Detail up!