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Armour Lore

Our plate armaments are made from 1 to 1.2 mm thick untreated steel. On the back they are painted black against rust. The individual parts are assembled with strong leather straps (3 mm) and solid steel rivets.

For burnished parts:

The dark to black finish is a rust inhibiting surface finish. With scratches and heavy rust, this layer is destroyed, and the bare steel shines through. It is possible to re-beautify small areas with appropriate means or to carefully touch up small scratches with a felt-tip pen.

Possible combinations:

Our plate armor has been designed to be technically compatible. Shoulders can be combined with any collar or torso armor. Armor can be mounted in any of our plate shoulders. Leg armor is fitted with all "short" greaves, i. those without knee part, combinable. If you are not sure whether the pieces of armor you want can be combined, call our support team. There your questions can be answered quickly and competently.

We recommend wearing a gambeson under a plate armor. The wearing comfort of the armor is increased considerably. Cushions should also be worn under the arm and leg splints, as well as a padded hood under a helmet. This not only prevents abrasion of the straps and buckles on the skin, it also increases the protective effect of unintentionally hard hits or falls.


The Mytholon plate armor is completely crimped and sanded in the old tradition of the hammer art. The edge of the armor parts is folded over, forming a round, slightly thicker edge. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and spares the upholstery weapons in combat.

To note:

In order to offer you good quality at even better prices, our armor needs to make a long journey. It can happen every now and then, the small dents or scratches during transport arise. These, however, can usually be polished off in a few simple steps. If you have questions about how to fix one or the other blemish on your armor, contact our support, we'll be happy to advise you. Of course we exchange heavy damages and production errors. Please also note that some collars and carapace have a big "dent" between the shoulder blades. this is not damage but serves an ergonomic fit.


Plate armor should be treated regularly with Ballistol, WD40 or similar products. Slight rust can easily be wiped off, stuck rust spots must be removed with abrasive wool or, in the worst case, a steel brush. If the rust is too deep, black spots are unavoidable, which are also no longer easy to polish off. Rust on burnished armor can not be abraded without damaging the burnish. You can blacken the appropriate place with black burnishing paste.

Thorough application of conditioning oil is especially important before the armor takes a longer break in a box or bag. Grade cellars are only partially suitable for storing a plate armor, as they are often very humid. Oil-soaked rags, into which one takes the armor, can help there.

Be sure not to leave your steel armor in the grass overnight. This speeds up the rust formation considerably. Stow the armor certainly best in a box or on a waterproof base.

We recommend wiping the armor with an oily rag every night before laying it off for the night. When you come home from the event, you should immediately remove dirt, carefully check for damage and oil thoroughly. Do not forget to treat the straps now and then with leather grease. Some metal care products can attack the leather and dry out.



The Mytholon plate armor are ideal for use in Liverollenspielen. All edges are neatly beaded, they sit comfortably and leave the wearer the necessary freedom of movement. Combined with a gambeson, they can be worn comfortably over a long period of time. The first real LAR Armor was developed years ago at Hammerkunst, and in this tradition, the Mytholon armor is made today.


When it comes to equipment for show fighters, it is first of all important that particularly endangered regions (head, hands, joints and genitals) are protected by hard plates with good padding. The armor must not hinder the fighter too much and should sit securely in the designated place.

Basically, we are very careful with the statement, whether our armor is suitable for the show fight, since there is no clearly defined safety standard. If you want to participate in certain re-enactment battles, be sure to let the organizers know what kind of equipment is required and whether your armor meets these requirements. We expressly point out that the use of our armor in a battle with steel weapons is at your own risk and responsibility.

Medieval markets:

Many of our customers wear the plate armor as costumes on medieval markets. The armor parts expand your clothing and are comfortable to wear because they are adapted for everyday use on the body. This is not a matter of course for steel components.


We offer some of our Mytholon helmets in two sizes (small / large). Recommended is the helmet size "small" for head circumferences from 56 cm to 58 cm. The size "large" is recommended for head circumferences from 59 cm to 62 cm.


The Mytholon helmets are equipped with a covered foam pad. They are closed with sturdy leather straps, which are provided with a burnished roller buckle. The pad is glued, but can be easily removed if necessary to wear a padded or chain hood under the helmet can.

The Mytholon helmets are optimized in material thickness and weight for use in LARP battles and have not been developed for show battles. Again, we expressly point out that the combat capability of the helmet is always at the discretion of the wearer.