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Richard chainmail shirt rivited oiled

Richard chainmail shirt rivited oiled

The chainmail shirt "Richard" was made for wearers of average chest circumference. It is wide enough to wear a gambeson underneath, has long sleeves and is approximately knee-length. Every single ring is rivited. The rings can only be opened using tools or excessive force. We suggest this chainmail shirt for wearers with a chest circumference of approx. 90 to 125cm. This way, the it can be worn over a gambeson to make ideal use of its maximum circumference of 140cm under the arms.

The blank variant is zinc-plated and thus resistant against corrosion. The oiled variant is not zinc-plated and thus much more susceptible to corrosion if the oil is removed.

Classical "4-in-1" pattern weave
Long sleeves
Ring diameter: 9mm

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