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John chain mail aluminium riveted

This chain shirt is made of lightweight aluminium and is completely riveted. It is suitable for ' normal ' built people with medium chest circumference and wide enough to wear a gambeson underneath. The sleeves cover about 2/3 of the arm. The length of the chainmail extends to the middle of the thigh.

 Every single ring is riveted!

We recommend this chain mail for people with a chest circumference of 90 cm to 125 cm. Thus the chain shirt can be worn on a gambeson and uses its maximum width of 140 cm under the arms.

 Classic "4-in-1" pattern fully riveted.

Short Sleeves

Ring Diameter: 10 mm

Material: Aluminium

The chain mail is of course also completely riveted under the arms, so that even with strong movements the rings do not give in. The chain shirt remains intact for a long time, and you have fun with it for a long time.

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