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Ottokar bascinet

This helmet is the classic bascinet with visor. It is a rounded face mask with slim slits for the eyes and many holes in the face for better breathing.
The visor can be moved to the top to have an uncovered face for communication and better visibility.
Additionally the helmet is equipped with a long sleeve of chain mail to protect neck and shoulders. It is woven in the classical european "4-in-1" pattern and unrivited. The rings have an inner diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 1mm.
The helmet is made from 1,6mm steel and therefore thick enough for LARP and stagefight purposes.

Material: 1,6mm steel
Size: up to 61cm circumference
Colour: blank

We recommend to wear a padded coif underneath to avoid scratches and bruises. This will maximize your comfort.

This product is currently not available.
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