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Rasmus armour set brown

Our popular Rasmus series as a complete set for a great price!

This armor also works great in combination with chainmail or gambeson. Depending on the costumes accessories, this armor can be worn by the heavily armored warrior or even by the wizard.

Let your imagination run wild and design your own costume.

 If you have any questions about combination options, our sales team will be happy to help!

The jacket is individually adjustable by the front buckles and can therefore be adjusted to the wearer. The tassets are easy to connect with the jacket and equip the wearer with additional armour hip downwards. The greaves and bracers are fitted with roll buckles.

 List of products included:

1. Rasmus armored jacket incl. collar black
2. Rasmus greaves black
3. Rasmus bracers black
4. Rasmus tassets black

Materials: Split leather, suede, roll buckles, rivets

€169.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Ready to ship today. Delivery time appr. 3-7 workdays

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