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Geralt bracers with throwing dagger holder

Where else do you get two great features at once? Here, with these bracers: not only do they protect your forearm, but also do they hold a throwing dagger in a sheath. Made from heavy leather uppers, you have defense and active knife-throwing linked together. The bracer is adjusted with three straps to your forearm. You can fit our own "Silas" throwing dagger into the sheath - but may also place any other dagger with standard size in it. Great piece for all rangers, thiefs and bandits, which was also seen with priests and mages as well.

Material: leather uppers
Side: available for right and left forearm
Measurements: 22cm length, 26cm circumfence

The price is for one single bracer.

Leather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image.

€27.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs



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