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Luthor small shield 2nd Ed.

A neat little leather shield with application made by "Fucina del Drago" in Italy. This shield is being delivered with five rivets to attach it to wherever you like: be it clothing, armour or your headgear. By using this shield for group concepts, you'll be clearly different from others and will be identified as someone special. Thats just the way veterans adorne...

Available as crown, skull and cross:
- The hospitaliers' order cross is decorated with some Fleur-de-Lis in between the beams.
- The crowns' beams hold four Fleur-de-Lis centered.
- The skull is shown very detailled and can be worn as an award or trophy.

Material: upper leather
Measurements: 7cm x 10cm
Colours: available in silver and gold

€9.90 *

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