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Alistair spaulders

The leather spaulders "Alistair" were manufactured by the Italian leather Manufactory "Fucina del Drago". They are made of high quality cowhide leather tanned in Tuscany and consist of five flexible segments. With their finely tooleded ornamental beading and curved lines, these leather spaulders are perfect for combination with the "Alistair" or "Kendra" series armour parts. Due to the many segments, the "Alistair" leather spaulders extend far to the upper arm and are an ideal complement for heavier armament concepts.

Material: Upper Leather
Length: 33 cm
Width: 29.5 cm
Weight (pair): 850 g
Colours: Brown, black, red

The price is for a pair of spaulders

Leather is a natural product and adopts different dye products. The hue may differ from the picture.

€99.90 *

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