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Antonius armour 2ND ED.

A beautifully decorated leather armour for the upper part of the body. The gorget is attached to the rest of the armour, its surface is decorated with a kind of hammer finish. The edges are embossed with different patterns. The size can be adjusted individually by two buckle straps on each side of the armour. Two straps at the upper part of the gorget can be used to attach all kinds of pauldrons. Furthermore additional tassets can be added at the small eyelets in the front.

The italian company "Fucina del Drago" is famous for its beautiful leather products. They only use high quality leather and materials. Elaborate embossing and the antique patina make their pieces of armour a real eye-catcher.

Material: upper leather
Length: 60 cm

Leather is a natural product and takes dye differently. Thereby the colouring may differ from the images.

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