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Balthasar set browned

Balthasar set browned

Our "Balthasar" armour series does not only look great and worthy, but also allows a free movement when fighting. The spaulders and the torso are made from lots of movable parts. This is why the "Balthasar" series offers the movability, you would normally find only with custom built armour. The full arm guards are quickly attahed to the spaulders and are made from six seperate pieces (riveted to each other) providing lots of movement. The typical series' rolling shapes are found in the full leg guard as well. They are attached to the wearer by using the two upper leather straps on the hip belt.

Just like all pieces from the armour series, the armour parts are decorated with the typical round head rivets. The greaves are worn seperatly and are not attached to the full leg guards. This enhances the comfort wearing them. This set is a high quality basis for any knights or warriors costume. It combines a premium entrance to any battlefield with movability, efficiency and comfort.

We suggest to wear a padded gambeson underneath all metal armours, as it will increase the comfort and avoid bruises and scratches. This armour can be upgraded with a chainmail to recieve a heavy armour appearance.

This set contains:
- the "Balthasar" greaves browned
- the "Balthasar" spaulders large browned
- the "Balthasar" full arm guard browned
- the "Balthasar" full leg guard browned
- the "Balthasar" torso armour browned

Material: 1,2mm steel
Colour: browned

Measurements of the torso armour:
Chest circumference: app. 115cm to app. 130cm
Length: 72cm
Weight of the chest plate: app. 4,2kg
Weight of the back plate: app. 4,4kg

Measurements of the spaulders:
Length: 27cm
Width: 49cm
Weight (pair): app. 3,4kg

Measurements of the full arm guard:
Length: 50cm
Circumference (wrist): 25cm
Width on the shoulder strapping: 25cm
Weight (pair): app. 3,8kg

Measurements of the full leg guard:
Length: 57cm
Width of the calf segment: 26cm
Width of the thigh segment: 34cm
Weight (pair): app. 4,7kg

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