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Edward armour set browned with bright edges

The "Edward" plate armor is reminiscent of typical armor of the late middle ages. The segmented breast plate is dominated by dynamically upwar curved lines. Ornamental beading and riveting give the armor, especially in the burnished/blank version offered here, a noble and menacing character. Large blade crushers adorn the broad shoulders. The curved tassets can be set in the height by means of belts.

"Edward" is an old "Hammerkunst" classic that we have brought to the series maturity. Functionality, quality and an extraordinary design were the concept of this armor and still are today.

It offers excellent mobility, as is otherwise known only by expensive custom made armours.

This great armorset includes chest and back plate, tassets and spaulders.

 The set can be extended with the bracers and greaves, leg -and armguards and the helmet from the "Edward" series.

Material: 1, 2mm steel
"Color": Burnished with blank edge

Mytholon Armor in "Hammerkunst" style – we offer a selection of "Hammerkunst" classics at a reasonable price for the high standards. Special attention has been paid to the high-quality processing of these series products.

Please inform me as soon as the product is available again.

€389.82 *

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