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Ortwin Armor Antique

This armor set consists of a chest plate, a back plate and a plate collar.
The torso is closed at the sides with straps, so that the width can be comfortably adjusted.
The generous cutouts on the arms allow one
high flexibility, while a flexible two-segment abdominal tire supports the wearer's lower torso
protects. The rivets emphasize the forms of the armor and are a nice detail.

The included collar comes with straps on the shoulders and two leather straps
attached in the chest area. On the belly ring there are two straps on which the leg pockets
can be attached. The shoulder plates are also attached to the breastplate with straps.

Material: steel, leather

Length of the torso armor: 48 cm
Chest width: 62 cm

Length of the collar: 16 cm
Width of the collar: 34 cm

Length: 34 cm
Shoulder circumference: 44 cm

Length: 50 cm
Circumference: 45 cm

Length: 28 cm
Width: 27 cm

€477.55 *

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