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Fafnir padded bracers

The bracers "Fafnir" consist of three fixed riveted segments. A wrist guard, an extra padded segment to protect the elbow and the actual bracers. With their curved lines and the wide beading, the bracers look sleek and elegant, with maximum protection. Due to the overlapping segments, they are very stable and do not deform even in the case of heavy duty. Like all the armor of the "Fafnir" series, these bracers are also equipped with padded suede upholstery. This increases the wearing comfort considerably and also protects against bruises. They are closed with sturdy leather straps and roll buckles on the back.
Armours of the "Fafnir" series are not only for characters with "Nordic" background a decent protection. Adventurers, knights, soldiers and many other armour wearers also benefit from their good protective effect and maximum wearing comfort.

Material: 1,2 mm steel, suede, polyester
Length 33 cm
Weight 1.7 kg
From €99.90 *

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