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Balthasar torso armour browned

The torso armour from our \\"Balthasar\\" series consists of two pieces: the chest and the back plate. Both are connected with a strap on each side and a strap on either side of the shoulders. That allows an individual adjustment for each wearer.
The chest plate is made from seven seperate segments which are riveted to each other. Its moving parts underneath the arms allow a free movement and agility of the wearer.
The elaboratly made back plate is rigid and decorated with lots of rivets. The lower two segments are moveable and allow a bending of the upper body.
The matching big spaulders can be attached to the shoulders of the armour.

Rolling shapes and segments, just as the offset bordering and the decoration with rivets, add structure and character to this great armour.

We suggest to wear a padded gambeson underneath all metal armours to avoid scratches and bruises on the body. This adds lots of comfort when wearing the armour.

Material: 1,2mm steel
Circumference (chest): app. 115cm to 130cm
Length: 72cm
Neck: 21cm
Weight (chest): app. 4,2kg
Weight (back): app. 4,4kg
Colour: browned
€243.60 *

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