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Kaspar torso armour blank

Kaspar torso armour blank

The "Kaspar" torso armour, consisting of front- and backplate, is the heart of this germans rider armour. To sit in the saddle or on anything else, there is a articulated plate made from 2 pieces in the back. The rims are to attach the fitting "Kaspar" tassets. The neck area of the armour is very wide, because unlike most armours, the "Kaspar" gorget is worn underneath the torso armour. We recommend to always wear a gambeson or at least a padded gorget underneath.

Being made along patterns from the mid 16th to mid 17th century, the german horse riders armour can be used for a wide range of various characters and costumes.

Material: 1,2mm steel
Colours: blank

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The "Kaspar" set in blank for a discounted price.

The "Kaspar" set in blank for a discounted price. read more »
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Save money with our bundle offer:

The "Kaspar" set in blank for a discounted price.

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Kaspar torso armour blank
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