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Galahad torso armour

Chest and back plate form a torso armour. Adding both pieces from the "Galahad" series, you´ll get an impressive body plate armour.
The two parts are linked by using the straps on the shoulders and are closed on each side additionally. The wearer is strapped into this armour and is supported very comfortably.
Shoulders and tassets, just as well as the small belt shield can be added to form a complete armour for the heavy infantry man.
The armour is available in blank only.

Material: 1,2mm steel
Colour: blank
Size: onesize, adjustable on shoulders and on the sides

€249.90 *

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  • 970399
Save money with our bundle offer:

The full "Galahad"-set for a special price.

The full "Galahad"-set for a special price. read more »
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Save money with our bundle offer:

The full "Galahad"-set for a special price.

Galahad Torsorüstung
Galahad Beintaschen
Galahad Schulterpanzer
Galahad Gürtelschild
€396.89 * Instead of €466.60 *
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Galahad torso armour
- Mytholon_Artware -   €249.90 *
Galahad tassets
- Mytholon_Artware -   €44.90 *
Galahad spaulders
- Mytholon_Artware -   €159.90 *
Galahad belt shield
- Mytholon_Artware -   €11.90 *