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Markward guard set blank

Steel bracers and greaves not only protect your depicted character from the attacks of your enemies, they also protect you quite real when recreational heroines and heroes on castles and forests experience their adventures. Underbrush and stones can quickly cause bruises during outdoor activities. With this set, shins and forearms are protected against it.

We offer you here the ' Markward ' set consisting of the bracers and the greaves in blank. With its slender lines and the simple design it fits well with all armour wearing costume ideas.

Material: Steel

Dimensions of Bracers:

Length: 25 cm
Width: 20 cm top, 14 cm bottom
Weight. 900 g

Dimensions of the greaves:

Length 25 cm
Width 20 cm top, 14 cm bottom
Weight: 1.8 kgs

Color: Blank

We always recommend to wear pads under plate armour. This increases the wearing comfort and the protective effect enormously.

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