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Lena gorget

Our "Lena" armour series was especially designed for warrior princesses and shield maidens alike. We distanced from historical patterns and steped closer to a rather fantastic shape. The outcome was a not only a long awaited womens armour, but also a costume set of in the form of a worthy armour set. Be it an Amazone, a warrior princess or an exalted priestess - all of them are possible by combining the armour with the right clothing pieces...
Only your imagination limits the possibilities. For all you ladies out there: this is the right armour, not only on LARP events.

The "Lena" series gorget appears smaller and more delicate than most other plate metal gorgets. despite of this, it works just as good as a plate spaulder carrier with the two buckle/straps on the sides. It is being closed with a simple strap and can be closed by the wearer when fully armed.
You can wear all our spaulders from all series in combination with this gorget.
Younger heroes, kids and smaller persons can wear this gorget in a combination with the small spaulders from the "Adam", "Balthasar" and "Markward" series.

If your costume creation allows a padded gorget - we suggest to wear padding underneath all metal armour pieces, as this prevents bruises and scratches when being armed.

Material: 1,2mm steel
Neck circumference: app. 44cm
Length of the front segment: 10cm
Length of the back segment: 10cm
Width: 27cm
Weight: app. 600gr

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Our full "Lena"-set for a discounted price!

Our full "Lena"-set for a discounted price! read more »
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Save money with our bundle offer:

Our full "Lena"-set for a discounted price!

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