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Mytholon chainmail is made from thousands of single steel rings. Blank mail is being galvanized in zinck. This provides a good protection from rust. They do not have to be oiled additonally.
Browned mail recieves its colouring by a special acidic treatment. The browning is another good protection from rust, but will need frequent oiling to support the brownings propperties. Thats, why you will get them delivered from us, covered in oil.
Our third colour for mail is "oil finish". These chainmails are not treated in any way, but left "raw" and are simply covered in a machine oil.
Next to chainmail made from steel, we also carry mail made from light Aluminium. They have completly riveted rings, so that they do not open when under strong force. It is known, that Aluminium does not rust at all, so the mail does not need any additional caretaking.
Our chainmail shirts and accessories, such as coifs, gloves or throat protection, are made from steel rings with an inner diameter of 9 mm. The Aluminium shirts are made from rings with an inner diameter of 10 mm.



Choosing a size:

  1. Please put on ALL the clothes you want to wear underneath the chainmail.
  2. Measure your breast circumference underneath the arms.
  4. Choose the right chainmail.



Breast circ.
(incl. cloth)

Breast circ. 
David 70-95cm 110cm 60cm
John 90-125cm 140cm 85cm
Richard 90-125cm 140cm 85cm
Berengar 110-145cm 160cm 85cm


If the chainmail or a sleeve is too long, you can easily shorten it with 2 pliers. An exception are the fully riveted chainmails, on these you have to cut open the rings. If you are still not sure about your size, please contact our support on support@mytholon.com.


Chainmail looks best when worn on top of a padded garment. A padded collar or gambeson are highly reccomended. They spread the weights pressure all over the upper body and protect from additional hits and blows from the opposing player. Short sleeved chainmail can be combined with leather or steel bracers very well. Long sleeved chainmail looks best, when worn in combination with plate metal spaulders and the matching gorget to create a heavy plate metal armour look. Chainmail coifs can be combined with helmets and should never be worn without a padded coif underneath them.

If you wish to reduce the chainmails weight on your shoulders, you should attach a belt with leather strings. The belt will carry a part of the chainmail and relief your shoulders this way.

Arm shields can as well be attached with leather strings and can either provide additional protection to one certain area of the mail, or be painted with your groups or clans heraldy. A nice way to keep a grout together with colourful accessories.

Or chainmal is made from massive rings and have some fully riveted rings added to the most stressed areas underneath the arms/armpits.



All our chainmail is delivered to your doorstep in a special canvas bag. We suggest to use it as the storage bag for it at all times. Before you store your browned or oil finish mail, you should spray it with a machine oil to seal the metal from oxidation. High humidity will not affect the metal from now on and the next event will strat out without any inforseen issues concerning rust.

To remove light rust flakes, simply lay out the mail flat on an old towel and spray it with machine oil from the can. Roll up the shirt inside the towel and keep rolling the round shpe forth and back.




Chainmail can be seen on all LARP and medieval events in avrious shapes, lengths and models. It adds lots of hitpoints to the armour class of the wearer and does only interfeare little with the movement when fighting or running. Worn on top of a gambeson and bound with a belt, they can be worn for the entire day. When they used up all their "armour points" in game, they are often "repaired" in small groups of players, where the social aspect comes into account. You should have a pair of medieval-looking pliers and some spare rings at hand for these purposes. Why not use this "repairing" time in game to actually repair your chainmail on the event...

Stage Fighting

We can not make any statement regarding "stage fight durability" of chainmail in combination with steel weapons. As there are no official safety regulations, there is little we can rely on.
Stage fighting weaponry is required to be dulled and rounded on the tip, so the actualy injuries would not happen due to the sharpness, but due to the force of the blow. Chainmail could not possibly prevent from bruises or broken bones - its the padding underneath, which will help in this case.
Thats why we can clearly state, that chainmail, without the propper padding worn underneath,
will only have an optical function for the wearer and provide no protection in stage fighting.

Medieval fairs/markets

Chainmail is a very versatile armour. You can use it for a widespread time period and various cultural regions. When worn in combination with a tabbard and a coif of mail, you will quickly see the medieval knight in the wearer. The chainmail will also help you realizing a viking costume with very little effort.